Vision Media Online - Making Office Purchases Convenient
Today everyone is buying online, however when come to business purchases, we found that many of today online shops do not cater to your organization and corporate unique needs.

To solve this, we would like to introduce you to Vision Media Online. Under Vision Media Online, you will enjoy the following features not available in normal Online Purchase:
  • Personalized catalog with custom pricing and product visibility just for you and your organization users.
  • Online Account Manager. A dedicate account manager will help to check and confirm your online order and help you to edit your order if required.
  • Instant Quotation generation. You can automatically generate a quotation based on the price shown online
  • PO# captured during order checkout and included into your online shopping cart for tracking and compliance.
  • Financing Terms remain consistent between online and offline purchases.
  • Multi-Location Delivery on a single online order can be configured.
  • Integration with Procurement Software. We work with most major vendors such as SAP, Oracle, Ariba, Tradeshift and many more to get our catalog working with your system.
  • Real time inventory data. The online shop will sync to our database and provide you our inventory data so you can plan your purchases.
  • Loyalty Reward for corporate customer.
  • Available in App, Web, & Offline Salesperson. Our solutions work across multiple channel and can even be done by our salesperson on your premise

With Vision Media Online, we take all the traditional purchasing needs a business required and combine it with the convenience of buying online to create a convenient and customized B2B online purchasing experience for you

omnichannel - vision mediaContact us today, and we will help your organization make buying office supplies more convenient than ever offline or online !


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