Managed Print Services (MPS)

What is Managed Print Services ? Why Organization are going for MPS

Managed Print Services - MPS

If you are in charge of managing the ink cartridges for your business or taking care of the company printing infrastructure, you might frequently encounter these challenges.

Purchasing / Procurement Department:

  • High spending on printers, printers ink & cartridges
  • Users running out of ink at last minute and required urgent replacement
  • Confusing Contracts to Manage with Multiple vendors, long list of printers and different rates

IT Department / IT Support:

  • Many different brands and model of printers to support
  • Frequent breakdowns and warranty follow up that takes up a lot time
  • Unreliable repair job that result in frequent print quality complains
  • Unable to standardized printing policy and fleet

If any of the above fits what you are facing, then Managed Print Services (MPS) might be the solution for you. As your MPS partner, we will help you and your organization to address the issues above without incurring extra cost. This is done via our print consultant which will help to asses your print fleet and optimized your printers to perform at its most efficient rate, as well as our active monitoring system that is able to spot machine failure and fix it early on before a critical failure occurred. 

In a nutshell MPS takes all the complexity and cost of managing an office printers environment and outsource it out to third party print specialist to manage for you while getting cost savings and better work efficiency out of your printers spending.

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Contact our sales team today, and learn how with MPS your organization can save on its printing cost, streamlined your operations and unlock the true potential of your printer.

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