HP Printer Upgrade Program with VMS

Feeling stuck with your old printer ? Looking to change a new printer but having asset or capital expenses (capex) concerns ?

Look no further, Vision Media Supplies and our partnership with HP has allowed us to upgrade your business printer to the latest models for FREE.

Any reasons to upgrade ? Plenty !

  1. With newer printer, you will enjoy better print quality with lower downtime
  2. Newer printer comes with full manufacturer warranty to protect you against any unwanted maintenance cost
  3. The newer printers also come with low cost per page. Think about the latest hybrid cars ? Our printers is the same. The new HP printers come with Jet intelligence technologies in their cartridges that allow more page to be printed per toner
  4. Say No to Hacking. With HP newer printer, the security has also been enhanced. Now HP enterprise printers with Malware detection and self-heal bios is one of the most secure printers in the market.


Contact our sales team today to know more about our free printer upgrade program and its benefits for you and your company !


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