Security Tips: How Original HP Cartridges protect you from security risk

HP Cartridges Wolf Security

Do you know that when you buy non-original cartridges, you maybe opening up a backdoor for hackers to gain access into your network ?

Many of the non-original third party cartridges in the market has security chip that can be compromised to insert malicious coding into them that can allow hackers to compromised your securities.

With HP original cartridge, this vulnerabilities can be easily prevented as HP secure your printer and its cartridges via end to end with:

  • Cartridge Chip SecurityHP chips in Original HP office printer cartridges contain tamper-resistant, proprietary HP firmware which helps prevent modification by third parties after production and helps reduce the risk of malicious code entering the cartridge chip.
  • Supply Chain SecurityOriginal HP office cartridges are certified with ISO/IEC 20243 standard for product integrity to mitigate malicious tampering and counterfeit in the supply chain.
  • Packaging Security - HP’s specialized construction designs and glues contribute to tamper-evident packaging to ensure an uncompromised printing experience.

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