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Anti-Counterfeit HPWith the COVID-19 pandemic affecting most countries across the region, more and more counterfeiters are moving online and taking advantage of unsuspecting buyers. Despite these challenges, HP is taking more action to help educates consumers on how to spot and protect yourself from counterfeits products.

Protect yourselves from counterfeiters online and offline by:

  • Only buying from authorized HP distributors
  • Updating yourself with the latest anti-counterfeiting information
  • Requesting a Customer Delivery Inspection (CDI) if you suspect you have received counterfeit HP printing supplies.

Few key points to note to avoid buying fakes HP products:

  • Be suspicious of low prices and too-good-to-be-true offers especially on online market place
  • Buy only from authorized HP partners
  • Visit to validate your product online
  • For business customers: Request a CDI when in doubt

Customer Delivery Inspection (CDI) is a free, on-site inspection by an HP Anti-Counterfeit expert to ensure your deliveries don’t contain fakes. This is a unique protection service we offer to help businesses distinguish between genuine and counterfeit printing supplies for medium to large deliveries. Learn more about or request for a CDI here.

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